I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.

— Dita Von Teese (via priscellastef)

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~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~
Granny Sheeran told me when I’m looking for a partner to fall in love with their eyes cause eyes are the only things that don’t age, so if you fall in love with their eyes you’ll be in love forever.

— Ed Sheeran (via lipsspressedtomyneck)

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Eight Things Before Eighteen

1. They laugh at your jokes, and tell you you’re intriguing. That does not mean they like you. That means they see what you can’t see in yourself.

2. Pour love into every person you meet, stop when they prove they no longer deserve it.

3. Don’t get drunk and text your ex. You will never find the apology you need the bottom of the bottle.

4. Crying on your bathroom floor after he leaves you again is stupidity, not love.

5. Do not sleep all day. Sleep is not poetic. Sleep does not cure a broken heart.

6. You’ve heard this before, but I’m telling you again: If you love them, fucking let them know now before it’s too late.

7. One day, the ocean may swallow you whole before you have a chance to scream “save me”. Embrace this fact, do not fear it.

8. If you want to fuck, do it. Fuck them once. Fuck them twenty times. The only time this is wrong is when they are already committed to someone else.

— Day 25 of 365 by c0ves (via perfect)

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